Expand Florida's Economy and
Build a Better Future for All

Expand Florida's Economy and
Build a Better Future for All

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Create Good Paying Jobs

This initiative will bring a much-needed economic boost to Florida, bringing the region an estimated 38,000 jobs and generating $700 million dollars in new annual wages. From construction to hospitality, these jobs will bring a wealth of opportunity to Floridians.

New Revenue to Fund Important Statewide Services

Experts estimate that in the first five years this amendment will produce $2.2 billion in new tax revenue that can help improve our health care systems and benefit our schools.

Attract World-Class Entertainment

This amendment will attract new high-end hotels, world-class entertainment, dining and shopping. These are opportunities that many Floridians currently travel hundreds or thousands of miles to experience.

Honors the State’s Agreement with the Seminole Tribe

Ensures no new facilities will compete with the Seminole Tribe, in accordance with the state’s recently signed agreement, protecting the tribe and their state revenue contributions.

How the Amendment Helps Florida

This amendment puts gaming expansion in the hands of Florida voters while bringing opportunity for new jobs and hospitality venues into our communities. 
This amendment will allow certain existing card rooms to expand their offerings to include casino-style games such as black jack, roulette, and slot machines. This expansion would be limited to card rooms that are located at least 130 miles from the Seminole Tribe’s casinos in central and south Florida. 

In just the first 5 years, experts estimate this initiative will create nearly 40,000 new jobs, up to $4.7 Billion dollars in new wages and generate $2.2 Billion dollars in new state revenue to fund essential services such as healthcare and education.